The Robb Family History

Author: Gerry P. Haines

ISBN 978-1-62137-820-4 (softcover)

256 pages


FROM THE AUTHOR: I have spent six years putting together the story of the Robb Family over the past two hundred years. Their roots spread out to many countries and through many trying times. The family line started in Pennsylvania and migrated to a small area in Southern Wisconsin, in or near Blanchardville, where they lived their lives. The branches of their tree touches the Mayflower Line and was involved in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. They started as farmers, as did most people in rural areas, and each generation spread to new ethnic persons and occupational diversity. You will find the personal chapters for Jan, Joe, and Jim Robb at the end of the book which illustrate how different each of us perceive our lives while we were growing up. The emphasis of each was entirely different when viewing their world around them. The quickest way to find information for an individual or their family would be to refer to the index. I tried to include every name in the index.


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