The Poet's Daughter

Author: Konnie Ellis

ISBN 978-1-947532-26-7 (softcover)

310 pages

Growing up on the Lofoten Islands off the coast of Norway, beautiful young Berta, bewitched by the  northern lights, becomes a poet of renown. Haldor, a dashing young sea captain, sails her away to love, followed by marriage and four children, and eventually to the challenges and surprises of a new life in Duluth, Minnesota.  

We see Berta's life as a poet through the eye's of her daughter, Lilly, who grows up during the great depression. Lilly becomes an artist and a northern Minnesota Annie Oakley, equally at home in a forest of wolves or rowing on a sparkling blue lake. In the casinos, she's "Lucky Lil," in a rose garden, she's the one in the Parisian hat, and at a dinner party with sparkling crystal, it's her laugh you'll hear first. Join Lilly for a ride through a life lived to the fullest.


Konnie Ellis is the author of two novels, "The Ice Dancer" and "The Dharma of Duluth." Her stories have appeared in Lake Superior Magazine; Sojourner Magazine; Skylark, Purdue University Calumet; and Weber Studies - Voices and Visions of the American West. She is the recipient of a Norcroft writers residency, and her story, The Partridge, was a semi-finalist at the Moondance International Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota with her husband, Robert Ellis, a pianist and composer.  


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Vendor: Konnie Ellis

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