The Last Confederate

Author: Patrick Ryan

ISBN 978-1-60264-745-9 (hardcover)

280 pages

At the end of the Franco-Prussian war, France was defeated and its army largely disbanded. Jud, an ex-confederate soldier, like many other confederates, had refused to surrender to the "damn Yankees." Instead, he had accepted a commission in the French army. He had fought for France in Mexico and many other parts of the world. Jud finally decided to return to Texas and he crossed from France into Spain to obtain a boat in Southern Spain going to Texas.
Unfortunately, Carlos VII, the Carlist pretender to the Spanish Throne, began the third and last Carlist war just as Jud crosses into Spain. Jud had promised himself to avoid all lost causes but little by little Jud is drawn deeper and deeper into the conflict and deeper and deeper in love.


Patrick Ryan is the pseudonym of an American Lawyer who developed a successful international career in Europe. Mr. Ryan lived in Spain for many years and is enthusiastic and expert of Spanish history.

Category: Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: Patrick Ryan

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