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The Land Of Possiblities: The Search For Grandma Lily

Author: Seren Hart

ISBN 978-1-62137-537-1 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-538-8 (eBook)

208 pages

Carol's life is mostly normal for a teen. She's got an annoying little brother, an old antagonist from grade school who's now her best friend, and parents she loves, even if they're exasperating sometimes. She also has an eccentric godmother, dreams filled with grinning monsters, and an obsession with finding her Grandma Lily, who everyone else happens to think is, mostly normal.

But she's keeping a big secret: She's had dreams of her grandmother's whereabouts and all signs point to The Big Apple. Carol is convinced she's still there. After enlisting her best friend Jimmy to help with the hunt, they head to an abandoned nightclub, armed only with a clue that they might find something about Lily in the wine cellar.

They never expect to be shot at upon arrival—or to suddenly find themselves in a magical world called The Land of Possibilities, where nothing is as it seems.

Join Carol as she meets fantastic new friends, battles terrifying enemies, and discovers that she's part of something much bigger than the world itself. In a land populated with cherubs, seraphim and archangels, talking trees and multiplying monsters, the souls of the pure and the forsaken, Carol will discover her destiny—and reclaim what was once lost.


Seren Hart, wife and mother, presently resides in the Pacific Northwest. She spent most of her late teen to adult life in California—where she migrated to at age seventeen, from her island home of Saint Lucia, which also birthed Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, the recipient of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize in Literature. The arts have always been Seren's passion and writing is one of her greatest loves. She is happy for the opportunity and grace to share with you this little novel written with love and humor. The Land Of Possibilities: The Search for Grandma Lily, is her first novel. Seren says her faith has helped her overcome any and every challenge and continues to do so. Her next novel, Timmy and The Blue Stone, is currently in progress and she's looking forward to sharing her joy of writing with you once again.

Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Seren Hart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kay LaBerge
An enjoyable read, filled with something for everyoene!

I found the Land of Possibilities an enjoyable read, filled with something for everyone. The author is a gifted story-teller, beginning with a normal life, and then, swooping you up into an imaginative experience like you’ve never had before.

The underlying message of Faith, Hope and Love are subtle yet the story is filled with beautiful examples of these virtues being lived out in Carol’s extraordinary life.

Laura Johnson
Is a wonderful book because it expresses how God Is always with us, even if it's in a way we don'...

The book 'The Land Of Possibilities: The Search For Grandma Lily' is a wonderful book because it expresses how God Is always with us, even if it's in a way we don't expect. This book was also especially good at describing loyalty, faith and hope all combined to create something so powerful it can overcome any obstacle. This was shown in Carol as she struggles to find her way to her long lost grandmother to bring her home. Filled with surprises facts, twists and turns, 'The Land Of Possibilities is a good book for anyone who loves adventure, faith and a good ending!

Laura J, 15 yrs old

Calvin G
I love it!

I love everything about Land Of Possibilities! It is so amazing to see someone my age do something as selfless and amazing as Carol did!

John L
Awesome Story of Faith and Love

Amazing story of faith and courage by young Carol, who would not give up her search for her Grandmother.
The author did a great job bringing the reader along into her world of possibilities. I highly recommend this book. What an awesome journey.

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