The Donkey and the King

Author: Lorilyn Roberts

ISBN 1-58939-518-2 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-515-8 (eBook)
ISBN 978-1-63868-117-5 (hardcover)

32 Pages

The Donkey and the King is a story of love with Christian symbolism and allegory. A donkey named Baruch longs for an easier life beyond the stable. He dreams of a life with no heavy burdens and no one to tell him what to do.

After leaving the safety of the stable, the donkey becomes lost in the wilderness, but the King sends him a friend. With his new friend, a sheep, the donkey sets out on a journey that you won't forget.
Every page is beautifully illustrated with a hidden word that shows everything works together for good for those who love the King. The Donkey and the King will warm your heart and fill you with God's unconditional love.


Lorilyn Roberts has two children that she adopted from Nepal and Vietnam. She has written many children's stories. Ms. Roberts has traveled extensively and often draws on those experiences in her writings. She lives in Florida with her children, one dog and one cat.

Category: Fiction, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Lorilyn Roberts

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