The Dating Adventures of My Travelling Panties

Author: E. Riley

ISBN 978-1-60264-486-1 (softcover);
978-1-60264-553-0 (eBook)

258 pages

Ever been on a bad date?. . . . Ella Riley, a single entrepreneur, has been on a few. So have her friends, some of whom have suddenly found themselves thrust into singlehood after being in long-term relationships for the past twenty years. None of them expected to meet the unique characters that they encountered, nor the indoctrination that they would receive. Dating has certainly taken on a new Avatar in the e-world of the 21st Century. In this highly entertaining book, E. Riley depicts their bizarre and often hilarious dating experiences, as well as her own commentaries about dating in the New World.

E. Riley is the Mexican-born, Canadian-raised author of "The Dating Adventures of My Travelling Panties", a book about her dating misadventures, but more importantly, about the lack of responsibility that people are willing to accept in their lives, which affects their ability to find a partner and be happy.

E.Riley is also an entrepreneur with a degree in Communications from the University of Windsor, along with post-grad diplomas in Marketing and Special Event Management from Humber College in Toronto. In addition, she's participated in various creative writing courses, including workshops at the renowned Humber School for Writers.

Writing is her passion. She carries a notebook wherever she goes. But, as a kid, she was painfully shy, so rather than play outside with other kids, she’d spend hours helping her grandfather transcribe his book notes onto a typewriter, and that’s where her initial appreciation for the craft of writing began. However, dyslexic tendencies in her teenage years forced her to find ways to "manage" when writing, and although she never saw herself as a writer, she persevered.

As she got older and exposed to great literature, she fell in love with Margaret Atwood's cerebral style and masterful use of symbolism. That is, until she found a new love, Rohinton Mistry - she considers, "A Fine Balance", the most beautiful literary jewel - one that can make readers lose themselves within its layers and leave them wanting more.

During her university years, public speaking also became a challenge for her, due to mild stuttering that stemmed from her introversion, but she managed to combat that too.

Today, although her struggle with shyness continues, she delivers captivating presentations, always connecting with her audience with genuine charm.

Currently, she's working on her next book, Gratitude for Perfect Mistakes, a creative non-fiction book based on her life story.

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Vendor: E. Riley

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