The Book of Sul

Author: Patrick Catlett

ISBN 978-1-63868-120-5 (softcover)

146 pages

In the age that preceded the events in The Ring of Naar, small kingdoms still dotted the land, and the great empire of Xavsyn had not yet been established. Those kingdoms still bore the names that they would reclaim once Xavsyn fell, and they were reestablished.

During this time, Sul is a mighty warrior priest of the gods in the kingdom of Mephosh, and he is tasked, with his close friend Gallun, to rid the drought-torn land of a developing heretic religion that is threatening their very survival. Sul and Gallun embark on a dangerous and violent journey to combat this new threat. Along the way, Sul encounters trials and hardships that he could have never envisioned.

The Book of Sul is the exciting and dramatic prequel to The Ring of Naar Chronicles. It is the story of one man's struggle with guilt, forgiveness and redemption.

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Virtualbookworm Publishing

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