The Adventures of Bumber the Umbrella

Author: Elki Powers

ISBN 978-1-63868-081-9 (softcover)

22 pages

Bumber is an umbrella. His name is a shortened version of “bumbershoot,” which has been a nickname for umbrellas in the United States since the 1800s. Bumber spends most of his time in a trunk, so when he goes outside, it is raining. Imagine his surprise the first time he is taken out on a sunny day!

The first 12 pages of this book are completely illustrated. The author invites readers to grab some markers and help finish the drawings for the rest of the book. It would be best to use blank sheets of paper, so more kids can enjoy this fun book, which was written to teach children the “uh” sound of the letter ‘u’.

About the Author
Elki Powers was an educational therapist at the Frostig school for brain damaged and emotionally disturbed children in Los Angeles. She later worked at the Tillamook Library in Oregon. She is retired and lives in Oregon.

Type: books

Vendor: Elki Powers

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