Thank God I

Author: John Castagnini

ISBN 978-0-9815453-0-1 (softcover)

312 pages


Rape, Cancer, Death & Divorce...
Can you imagine being grateful for any of these?
Finally, a book that transforms the human experience!
In this book, you'll discover how ordinary people overcame life's greatest challenges, and lived to become thankful for them. If your heart has been broken and seems impossible to mend, there is hope. If darkness seems to surround you, there is hope. If no one seems to understand your pain, there is hope. The stories inside this book are truly amazing.
Death, dysfunction and divorce abound and yet the authors, people like you and me triumphed. Not only did they transcend these tragedies, but they actually learned from them and wouldn't change a thing. They found a greater self waiting on the other side of pain.
You can too. Sit down and read one story from this book. Discover why many are calling "Thank God I" the most significant contribution to the Spirit of humanity in centuries. Most importantly, You can be a part of it! A brighter, loving, more inspired life awaits you.

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