Staten Island

Author: Phillips Wylly

ISBN 1-58939-901-3 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-999-7 (eBook)

664 pages

In Tinsel Town lingo, STATEN ISLAND is "The Godfather" meets "New York, New York" offering the reader a high powered, exciting look at a time when the underworld and the world of show business came together.
The "Roaring Twenties" - World War I has ended. Britain's Atlantic Fleet boxing champion Hugh Crawford is discharged and makes his way back to Staten Island in search of the girl he met during a brief war time liberty there. To win her, he fights his way from poverty to wealth and power in the violent, bloody world of loan sharking, gambling, bootlegging and prostitution. A world where both friends and enemies are made!
The Thirties - "The Great Depression" grips the land. A time of hardships for most, but not for Cathy Connors, a singer who is Hugh Crawford's daughter, nor for Chuck Stacey, the young band leader who discovers her. With help from her father, but always under the threat of gang retaliation, Cathy and Chuck climb to the heights of stardom.
The Fifties - World War II is over. Television begins to dominate the entertainment world and Las Vegas is born. Las Vegas - where Mobsters, High Rollers, Hookers and Hired Guns intermingle. Where bodies are sometimes found in the desert. Where the story of Hugh, Cathy and Chuck Stacey comes to an unexpected conclusion.


Phillips Wylly was born on Staten Island. From there, Wylly ventured to Rockefeller Center - NBC. He traveled the world filming such events as Grace Kelly's wedding and interviews with Otto Preminger, Rocky Graziano, Sophia Loren, Carl Sandberg, then Senator and Mrs. John F. Kennedy and many others.
Wylly moved to Los Angeles and joined the Wolper Organization where he worked on the historic mini-series "Roots," and with some of the industries biggest stars including Henry Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Burt Lancaster and Morgan Freeman.
Wylly has been producer or production executive on countless films and TV shows. His credits include "Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid," "Lucas," and TV's long running series, "Life Goes On."
STATEN ISLAND is a work of fiction but many of its characters and much of its action is based on Phil's personal experiences and stories told by his father about the bootleggers who plied the island's Atlantic Coast during the Roaring Twenties when Prohibition was the law of a lawless land.

Category: Fiction, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Phillips Whylly

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