Spiritual Timber

Author: Arthur Dobrin

ISBN 978-0-9963718-1-0 (softcover)

Also available as fixed-format ebooks

68 pages

From the richness of philosophies and religions, this book presents the spiritual timber from which to construct a life of compassion and justice.

The aphorisms present material from which a home can be constructed, one with air and light, shutters thrown open and doors ajar. It is a home of shelter, protection and warmth, love and happiness.

Here are some thoughts to help build such a life:

  • Generosity of spirit creates a life worth living.
  • Never promote yourself at another's expense.
  •  A thoughtful person thinks for herself; a thoughtless person thinks only of herself.
  • Allow each person the dignity of his or her own labor.
  • Wealth justly gained is honorable; wealth unjustly gained is dishonorable; wealth kept for one's self is shameful.
  • Owning things isn't bad; being owned by things is bad.
  • Goodness is a gift from those who went before. Therefore, make things better for those who come after.

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