Souls Exist

Author: Richard Schain

ISBN: 978-1-62137-314-8 (softcover)


158 pages

The central thesis of "Souls Exist" is since the idea of God has lost credibility in much of contemporary society, the idea of the soul has suffered a similar fate. In the modern world, the concept of soul is not a meaningful reality for most individuals. The author emphasizes the dehumanizing consequences for those who are not conscious of the existence of their soul and the need for its development. Discussion of the soul's importance is founded on existential realities, not religious myths. The epigraph of "Souls Exist" is a quotation from St. Augustine in his capacity as a philosopher: "There are only two questions for philosophy; the soul and God." In "Souls Exist", this short list is reduced to one. 

"Souls Exist" is a metaphysical work and assumes metaphysical consciousness on the part of the readers. The author is an independent philosopher; consequently, the orientation of his writing is neither religious nor academic, but free-spirited and subjective. The issues raised in this work are of great importance for contemporary culture. 

The initial edition of "Souls Exist" was published in 1988. This second edition has been extensively revised with an added epilogue that reconsiders the question of God for philosophy. 


Richard Schain obtained B.A. (philosophy) and M.D. degrees from New York University. He trained in neurology at Yale University, later serving as professor of neurology and psychiatry at UCLA. 

His life as an independent philosopher began with the publication of Affirmations of Reality (1982). Later writings include the first edition of Souls Exist (1988), The Legend of Nietzsche's Syphilis (2001), Reverence for the Soul (2001), and Interior Lights (2012). His essays have appeared in the electronic journal Philosophy Pathways (U.K.). Some of these were published in book form under the titles Radical Metaphysics (2002) and In Love With Eternity (2006). The memoir Behold the Philosopher appeared in 2007. 

The author has developed an original form of philosophical expression "Sentences in Spaces" in which philosophic sentences are exhibited on artboards. These have been published in book form under the title Sculpting Sententiae, An Art Form of Independent Philosophy (2010). 

All these writings deal with the metaphysics and significance of the interior self. The works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Fernando Pessoa, and Nikolai Berdyaev have been major influences upon the development of Schain's thoughts. 

Currently, the philosopher divides his time between northwestern Mexico and southeastern Arizona. He lives with his wife, Melanie Dreisbach.

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