Shadows of Gold

Author: Judy McGrath

ISBN 978-1-62137-985-0 (softcover); 978-1-62137-986-7 (hardcover)

274 pages

While sketching a wildcat lake water lily scene in pastels, Janna is accosted by a desperate donkey dripping water and muck all over her drawings. Meanwhile, Janna and husband Theo discover quartz samples missing from a large deposit of hot white mineral on their land. Janna's "doppelganger" show up and immediately bodies of trespassers and general mayhem begin to collect everywhere. Justice prevails, even while coping with unexpected turns of family relationships, as the core of the mystery surrounding the quartz site is brought to a surprising conclusion.


Judy McGrath writes her stories in the foothills northeast of San Diego, California. From her office, she can observe the nesting habits of red-shouldered hawks and enjoys sightings of other wildlife that often appear in her books. These include "Finding Cornbread Mesa" and "Morning Star Journey." Judy hopes readers find reading "Shadows of Gold" as intriguing as it was to write. She is a longtime student of the Lemurian Fellowship.

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Vendor: Judy McGrath

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