Pyramid in Space

Author: Bill Wheatley

ISBN 978-1-951985-81-3 (softcover);
978-1-63868-000-0 (eBook)

312 pages

What begins as a reminiscence viewed from the whimsical vantage of a pyramid in space soon veers off in many directions. The apparent incoherence of the collage of scenes reflects what events have been like since at least the mid-twentieth century. Because of science and the power we’ve seized or conjured from nature, life on earth has changed wildly in just fourscore and ten years, barely one biblical age from 1945 when the detonation of two atomic bombs ended World War Two.

Despite the pervasive reverberation of so many changes, prosy life goes on and the view looking back at the hot blue dot from a tetrahedron lofted into space on a whim can’t really be serious, any more than the founding quantum physicists who said a hundred years ago it didn’t matter if they couldn’t understand the behavior of “quanta” at the heart of their theory because even if it was the very stuff, the essence, of being, it was not really “real.” No? Then what is it? Does anyone know? If this collage is heading anywhere, it is in the direction of answering that question. Or another quite like it.


After a career as a writer/producer for television, Bill Wheatley has written several books of prose and verse, available at online booksellers. Pyramid in Space is also available at

Type: books

Vendor: Bill Wheatley

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