Precious Things

Author: J.B. Gatling

ISBN 978-0-9904534-5-1 (eBook)

ISBN 978-0-9904534-4-4 (softcover)

ISBN 978-0-9904534-3-7 (hardcover)

402 Pages



Kyle and his friends approached Brooke's ritzy girls' camp in a rowboat well past midnight. The boys were from New York City's roughest neighborhoods, but they were completely at home in this camp-they'd snuck in before, several times. Brooke and her girlfriends always welcomed them. As they trudged to her cabin, something was different this time-there were no signs of life.

They were Brett Howard's boys, his campers, kids whose lives he was trying to transform with his tried-and-true formula-summer camp sessions at Sail Shape.

When the trespass was exposed, Howard had only two missions-find out the truth to keep his kids out of prison, and salvage Sail Shape's reputation to prevent a nation-wide shutdown.

Getting at the truth required money and allies. The fallout from the trespass had dried up the money and Howard's driven personality had alienated most friends and family.

In the end he counts on an estranged son in London and an adopted daughter in New York to solve the mystery surrounding the campers who have refused to cooperate-a mystery that reaches all the way to west Africa.

JB Gatling was the first African American Senior VP, General Counsel for U.S. operations of the world's largest food and nutrition company. He was a board member for the acclaimed California Science Center, and Chairman of The Urban League of Massachusetts. He earned a BS and JD from Northeastern University in Boston. "Precious Things" is JB's second novel that extends the story told in his first published work, "Onset, An American's Voyage Beyond Borders." The books can be enjoyed separately or together.JB believes that lasting change will occur if we continue to attack the twin anvils holding back many young people-idle time and lack of motivation.

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