Our Mother's Messages to Michael

Author: Kenneth Heck

ISBN 978-1-63868-043-7 (softcover)

182 pages

The twentieth century has witnessed an astonishing number (386 at latest count) reported Apparitions of Our Blessed Mother. The vast majority of these claimed apparitions have yet to be investigated and approved or condemned by the Roman Catholic Church. They normally warn of very dark days ahead and future catastrophes. They appeal for a return to God, with renewed emphasis on prayer, the Rosary, Mass attendance, Penance, Confession, Bible reading, and distributing the messages widely to save those able to believe.

Michael, a young, teen-age Seer, experienced visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and other saints, but did not seem to develop further as a Seer beyond his twenties. His cause was never investigated. It was during this time, the decade of the 1980s when the Cold War had reached its peak and international tensions were quite high (threatening nuclear war), that Michael's Messages were being released to the public. Subsequently, the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, and both the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia disintegrated in the early 1990s, relaxing the previous tensions. There is little doubt that the activities of Michael and many other Seers, known and unknown, contributed greatly to these positive developments.

Now, nearly thirty years later, we see international tensions rising again, combined with an economic downturn and a complex pandemic of worldwide proportions. It would be well to revisit the messages of the past for what guidance they can provide, since true messages from Heaven concern both the short-term and long-term future. This volume is derived from the original typed pages mailed out in the 1980s. There is no guarantee they are the complete set. Since selected Litanies and Prayers were also included with Michael's Messages, they are also provided in the second section of this work.

This book is seventh in a series produced by Mr. Heck devoted to 'Messages from Heaven' by little-known seers and visionaries. The author graduated from Drake University in 1963 and later became a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in 1968. He has published "The Heck Hypothesis" as an explanation of the phenomenon of crop circles. Over the years the long term outlook for America and the world has become a dominating concern. Now at age 79, he quietly pursues such interests as biblical interpretation, prophecy, Christian spirituality, advances in science, paranormal occurrences, and the future of humanity. He has always considered himself a moral conservative, political progressive, and a firm believer in the work ethic.

Type: books

Vendor: Kenneth M. Heck

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