Maloney's Mitzvah

Author: Martin Scolnick

ISBN 978-1-63649-064-9 (softcover);
978-1-63649-065-6 (eBook)

334 pages

In depression era Philadelphia, Jewish upholsterer Jake Glazer prays for God’s forgiveness while dodging man’s retribution. Irish detective, John Maloney pursues him while struggling with his own conflict: he's in love with a Spanish divorcee. Marriage to her seems impossible until a ghost prods Jake to intervene with information that opens the door to Maloney's marital bliss. But will Jake help his nemesis? And will the detective reciprocate, if he does?

About the Author
I’m a retired engineer who grew up in West Philly and married and raised a family (two daughters) in California. Apart from writing advertising copy and user manuals for my own former computer products (ca 1984), my prior writing experience is in scientific and trade journals. I embarked on Maloney’s Mitzvah as a way to better understand my parents’ generation—to get a feel for what it was like to come of age during the wild 1920s and the turbulent Great Depression. I currently live in Oakland, CA with my wife, Susan, and our wild and crazy Australian Cattle Dog, Sydney.

Type: books

Vendor: Martin Scolnick

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