Life After Z-Day: Survive

Author Jody Slyman

ISBN 978-1-62137-826-6 (Softcover)

520 Pages

As the three separate groups of Fort Pulaski survivors make their long trips back to the Midwest, the military forces from Area 51 start taking back more of the local communities. Soon the military forces at Area 51 start to receive radio transmissions from around the country as different military forces and survivors in hiding have heard their broadcast about a cure. However, as hope rises for the military forces, they are unaware of the evil that is waiting for its time to surface. While the military forces prepare for battle against the zombies, the Fort Pulaski civilians run into many obstacles on their long road trips as they continue their struggle to survive in the world of zombies and survivors that wish to do them harm. Doing everything they can to withstand, the Fort Pulaski survivors hear of a safe place, but must face dangers unlike any before in order to carry on and make it to the sanctuary. Can the Fort Pulaski survivors find each other again and get to the sanctuary or last long enough for the military forces to take back the country, or will they finally fall victim to the zombies or other dangerous survivors?

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