Liam O'Connor in When Angels Cry

Author: John Matthew Lee

ISBN 978-1-947532-43-4 (softcover); 978-1-947532-44-1 (eBook)

296 pages

In the final installment of the Liam O’Connor trilogy, Liam comes full circle in his personal life. He discovers he can enjoy life again, even without his obsession to solving homicides. As soon as he begins to enjoy his life, he’s requested to help solve a sexual assault investigation. The investigation leads Liam, and a team of detectives from a small inexperienced police department, to the discovery of a dangerous serial sexual predator in the small town of Port Saint Lucie. Their investigation leads Liam and the team back to a member from their own department. The team attempts to make an arrest, but all does not go as planned!


John Matthew Lee was a third-generation law enforcement officer. Like his father, he retired with over thirty years of service. John’s baptism to life as a police officer came long before he took the oath to “Protect and Serve.” During his extensive career with the Sheriff’s Department, John was promoted through the ranks. His fifteen years spent as a homicide detective, sergeant, and detective commander made lasting memories that triggered his desire to write. Being a husband, father, decorated officer and longtime high school football coach also helped formulate his unique storytelling perspective.

“I’ve been asked many times, since my retirement, what prompted me to start writing books. I know people write books for a wide variety of reasons, but for me writing is a labor of love. While working in law enforcement, I wrote many articles for various newspapers. The who, what, when, where, and why of various crimes committed, but that’s a very different form of writing than fiction.

Fiction writing allows me to be creative, to be a storyteller. For me, when I write there’s a point where the story catches fire and it becomes life on page — suddenly it makes sense. I am the creator and the audience. It’s very addictive. I suppose my writing will allow a bit of a snapshot for people to see how I think and express myself, that’s a little unsettling. Really, the process is what I enjoy. F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best when he said, ‘You write because you have something to say.’”

John was born and raised in California. He’s a proud graduate of Highland High School, Bakersfield College and an attendee of California State University of Bakersfield. John and his wife Kelley are the parents of two sons, Kevin and Thomas Lee.

Category: Liam O'Connor, Mystery

Type: books

Vendor: John Matthew Lee

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