Leadership and Lincoln

Author: Greg M. Romaneck

ISBN 1-58939-974-9 (softcover)

164 pages

Abraham Lincoln stands out as one of the most courageous and memorable leaders in American history. During Mr. Lincoln's days in the White House he was called upon to sail the ship of state during the terrible years of the Civil War. In those trying times President Lincoln acted in ways that revealed intuition, practicality, flexibility, dedication, mental agility, and many other qualities that characterize outstanding leaders. In an age when on a daily basis both public and private sector leaders are confronted with penultimately difficult choices, the words and wisdom of this great man continue to be of value. In "Leadership & Lincoln" readers are presented with 100 quotations taken from the writings and speeches of this demonstratively wise person. Each quote is accompanied with an instructive and reflective essay that is aimed at placing Lincoln's words in modern context. This combination of the past greatness of Mr. Lincoln with modernistic food for thought affords forward-thinking leaders with reflection points that can be of great help in the world they live and work in. In this way Leadership & Lincoln provides contemporary leaders with a set of valuable ideas to place in their intellectual toolbox.


Greg M. Romaneck is a committed educator who has spent his professional life working in schools in various leadership roles. Greg is also a dedicated parent who, along with his wife Jane, is raising three children in their DeKalb, Illinois home. In his spare time Greg enjoys backpacking, hiking, bicycling, reading, spending time with his family, films, and writing. To date Greg has published approximately 170 articles, 1200 children's book reviews, and eight books. His primary writing interests include self-help, leadership, Civil War history, backpacking, poetry, and spiritual matters. Greg's interest in Abraham Lincoln spans much of his life and has led him to not only read extensively on the subject but also to visit many of the Lincoln sites around the nation. At present Greg works as the Director of Human Resources in the Batavia School District #101 in Batavia, Illinois.

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