Inspire: Collection II of Thoughts of the Day

Author: Douglas N. Petersen

ISBN 978-1-60264-477-9 (softcover)

174 pages

This is the second volume in Douglas N. Petersen's series of inspiring and thought-provoking "Thoughts of the Day." Starting the day out with a positive and uplifting approach can add such a value to a person's day. The stress that life hands us can be challenging. This book is intended to inspire and bring out the wonderful light that shines within each of us. This is a collection of inspiring thoughts and quotes that will bring the joys of life into focus.

"Inspire: A Collection of Thoughts of the Day" challenge us, make us think, and inspire us to be the very best we can be to ourselves as well as to others. This book is so helpful and inspirational; it's truly a gift of Love. -Mitzi Segura, Fort Worth, Texas

Doug's "Inspire: A Collection of Thoughts of the Day" are a gift to the world. Doug writes seemingly without effort from his soul. The authenticity and richness of his messages streams from a wisdom culled from Doug's own human joys and trials. -Julie Snyder, Leadership Beyond Limits, LLC

After reading the first page, I felt encouraged to look at everything in my life (present, past and future) as being half full instead of half empty. It's a great way to turn positive thinking into action and encourages the reader to take inspiration to a higher level. -Kimberly C., Fort Worth, Texas


Author Douglas N. Petersen began sending inspirational thoughts and quotes via e-mail to co-workers after attending a week-long self-improvement and leadership program provided by his employer. Since he began "Thoughts of the Day," the e-mail list has grown and Petersen's dedication to providing those around him with daily inspiration has continued to blossom. Readers can capture their own reflections on the book's contents by journaling on blank pages provided next to each of Petersen's thoughts.

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