How Do You Milk a Moose Anyway

Author: Lara Bricker

ISBN 978-1-60264-892-0 (eBook)

108 pages

"It all started over an innocent lunchroom conversation. I had a co-worker whose wife was a gourmet cheese maker in Maine. She had just been written up in the New York Times for her cheese making ability and knew a thing or two about cheese. But there was some news in the cheese making world that had her cheese making juices flowing, my co-worker told us. A man was apparently milking a moose and making cheese. He was charging $500 a pound. The cheese community was in a buzz over this moose milking man. I was strangely fascinated in a disgusted kind of way and decided to find out all I could about this moose cheese. The questions were endless. How does one milk a moose? How do they get the moose to stand still? And why is something that sounds so disgusting so expensive?"

Type: books

Vendor: Lara Bricker

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