Hidden Handedness

Author: Samuel M. Randolph

ISBN 978-1-58939-966-2 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-614-8 (eBook)

236 pages

Children whose dominant handedness is purposefully reversed may undergo profound alterations in their developing brains. Hidden Handedness tells this story from an autobiographical point of view. The story opens with the experiences of an adult who learns at age 41 that he belongs to a group of people whose handedness had been reversed. Such people are called "submergees" in the book. The surprising discovery initiates a return journey in which the submergee becomes an emergee: one who migrates back by reversing behaviors relating to handedness, experiencing an amazing rebirth of body and mind.
Hidden Handedness reviews supporting research, looks at biographies of famous submergees such as President Ronald Reagan, and uses stories to help complete the picture. Anyone who wishes to investigate the untold story of handedness reversals and returns would do well to begin with this book.
Current research findings concerning plasticity in the adult brain, glia, mirror neurons and therapies such as Constraint Induced Therapy, provide growing support for the story told in Hidden Handedness. This largely untouched terrain of the body and mind beckons to those who may be submergees and those who wish to know more about them.


Samuel is a popular speaker and big picture thinker. His work includes the development and introduction of sustainable green technologies for earth materials. Samuel enjoys his role as a "technology evangelist and teacher" especially in the categories where he has unique interest and expertise. Because of his professional background, which requires curiosity, persistence, a willingness to learn and most of all patience, Samuel is ideally suited to address the unique challenges that are introduced in the story of Hidden Handedness.
Samuel is an avid lap swimmer, who loves to sail, listen to music and participate in stimulating conversations. He loves visiting with anyone who is curious about handedness and the many other fascinating mysteries of life. His favorite entertainment is listening to storytellers.
Samuel has a personal interest in helping those who are hurting because of his own history of struggle connected to depression and learning disabilities.
Personal motto: "Every life has tremendous value and significance."

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