Getting Out: One Expat’s Journey to a New Life

Author: Carla Bastos

ISBN 978-1-63868-082-6 (softcover);

134 pages

Bitter political partisanship. Rampant gun violence. Racial hatred and police killings. A pandemic that took one million lives. Inflation not seen in decades. A perfect storm of events that converged to create the phenomenon sweeping the nation — The Great American Exodus.

When remote work became all the rage and countries worldwide began offering incentives to relocate, countless Americans realized the big move they'd dreamed of might actually be doable. As one of those who took the plunge, Bastos chronicles her road to retirement in Italy, from conception to moving day to finding her comfort zone, all in the midst of a pandemic. She shares her checklists, headaches and horror stories, successes and pleasant surprises along the way. Getting Out will provide encouragement, wisdom, helpful hints and warnings to aspiring expats everywhere.

While the journey is not for the faint of heart, Bastos assures us it is indeed doable. And, with proper planning and preparation, it will be worth every step.

About the Author

Having traveled the world and gained an appreciation and lifelong curiosity for global cultures and histories, Carla Bastos began toying with the idea of retiring in another country long before the expat life became the sensation it is today. As a former journalist and newspaper editor, she employed superior research skills to create the road to her new life in Tuscany. See more of Carla's story at

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Vendor: Carla Bastos

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