Friends It Is

Author: K.B. Bateman

ISBN 978-1-62137-013-0 

36 pages

In K.B. Bateman's endearing book, Friends It Is!, the animals at Skylark Farm are very diverse in nature, yet they always treat each other with great kindness and respect. When a new little animal is brought to live at the farm, they are at first surprised by his different appearance and also quite curious, but that does not keep them from being kind and respectful to him. They welcome him to their family, and out of this acceptance wonderful new friendships are born. This book gently shows us that we can all get along too if we keep an open mind and heart about accepting and appreciating diversity. Readers of all ages will love the gentle, inspiring message of peace, as well as the beautiful illustrations of Friends It Is! If only we were all fortunate enough to live in a place like Skylark, where everyone is kind and gets along nicely regardless of their differences. What a marvelous world that would be!

Type: books

Vendor: K.B. Bateman

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