Eye to the Sky – Exploring Our Atmosphere, Second Edition

Author: Steven Businger

ISBN 978-1-62137-888-4 (softcover)


Specifically designed to give students of diverse academic backgrounds an opportunity to explore and understand firsthand the underlying physical principles of our everyday atmospheric environment through the art of making and interpreting observations. It includes a variety of exercises that rely on analysis of provided weather observations. These activities are designed to foster understanding of the wide range of observations made of our atmospheric environment, with an emphasis on pattern recognition and anticipating the future state of the atmosphere.

 Special Features:

 -Lab manuals for introductory weather classes are invariably made up of paper and pencil exercises- this book is different in that it teaches the scientific method through hands-on experiments that are easy to conduct and contain inexpensive materials.

 -The vast range of activities allows instructors to make a selection that suits the emphasis of their accompanying lecture course. This book is designed for Introduction to Weather and Climate courses at the undergraduate level, but is also suitable for high school science classes with a geoscience focus.

 -The labs and analysis exercises can be easily enhanced with widely available web resources, many of which are identified in the labs and Appendix.


Steven Businger is Professor and Chair of Atmospheric Sciences Department at University of Hawaii in Manoa. He received his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington where he studied the evolution of arctic storms. He has since authored more than eighty articles on a range of subjects in the field of atmospheric science including winter storms, sever thunderstorms, hurricanes, pollution dispersion, and acid rain. Dr. Businger is a fellow of the American Meteorological Society and a Certified Consulting Meteorologist.



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