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In the Slipstream of TIme

Author: Tom Kiske

ISBN 978-1-63868-153-3 (softcover)

Pages 254

 "In The Slipstream of Time" is the 2023 winner of the Fezziwig Prize for word-slinging, according to Felix Fezziwig, Chairman and sole member of the Committee to Figure Stuff Out. The Fezziwig Prize carries no monetary award, nor does it confer much recognition or prestige. There is, however, a gala award dinner at Buster's Burger Joint on Old Potato Road, which draws attendees from all over the metro area.

In his now-famous acceptance speech, Mr. Kiske said, "I am proud and humble - or maybe humiliated - that y'all gimme this here prize, even though I had to pay for my own hamburger. I don't know if I really deserve it, onna counta all's I done was write down some stuff that happened or maybe I hallucinated or something."

One of the attendees, or perhaps a Burger Joint customer, stood and shouted, "Hey, what's that there book about, anyways?"

"I think about 200 pages," Kiske replied.

"Well, it is deeply evocative?"

"Uh..." Kiske stammered.

"Is it smart, compelling and heartfelt?"


"Is it a page-turner, a tour-de-force?"

"Um, I gotta go now," Kiske said as the audience erupted into a chorus of guffaws, belches and farts.


Tom Kiske came to Earth as an infant in 1943 as the planet was engulfed in war. His mission was to embed himself in the local population of the dominant species and, as he grew, observe human conditions, analyze them and periodically report back to Starfleet Command for evaluation and appropriate action. Initially, his reports were crisp, factual and objective, however as time passed, he became perhaps overly-imbedded, acquiring a great deal of sympathy for the human condition and even some admiration for certain members of the species, especially after the odd metamorphosis known as puberty.At length, Kiske even married an Earth girl, which he attempted to characterize in his reports as "research," but which fooled no one. Admiral Spock immediately recognized that the mission had been compromised and ordered the fleet to regroup, withdraw and reconsider whether or not the whole business was worth additional time and effort.Meanwhile, Kiske continues to dutifully continue his reports. This book is his most recent.



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