Caroline and The Three Trees

Author: Helen Harrison

ISBN 978-1-60264-430-4 (eBook)

78 pages

Nine year old Caroline and her best friend Amy live in a peaceful rural setting in Ireland. The two girls yearn for independence and excitement in the form of a day out in the big town.

Knowing they wouldn't be allowed to go on their own, they find a way of sneaking away for an afternoon behind their family's back, using money which doesn't belong to them.

Right from the start of the story Caroline's guilt about what they are planning manifests itself in all sorts of strange, mysterious happenings around her. In particular, three sparce ugly trees at the edge of the woods very close to her home.

Although her heart belongs to these woods, the events that she is to witness will cause her many frightening experiences.

A tale of moral dilemmas and a mixture of magic bring this story to life.


Helen Harrison lives somewhere in Co Monaghan, Ireland. She is married with one teenage daughter. This is Harrison's first short story. She has been fond of writing poetry for years but felt inspired to write Caroline and The Three Trees a few months ago. Harrison had an adventurous childhood and was very independent herself. Also, Harrison had the benefit of freedom and open spaces to roam, including woodland quite near to her childhood home.

Category: Fiction, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Helen Harrison

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