Author: Michael Hoffman

ISBN 978-1-63868-100-7 (eBook);
940 pages

“Is Arimasen a nation, then?”

“As to what Arimasen is and is not… oh, Ephraim, did you but know what a subject you… unwittingly, in all innocence… oh, children, how I love your bright, shining faces, your bright, shining eyes! Is Arimasen a nation? No. Arimasen is not a nation. Nor a planet. Nor a city.”

“A state of mind, then!”

“Perhaps, Umeboshi, it is that. Perhaps. I said not a planet. And yet… yes, a planet. I said not a city. And yet… yes, a city. A state of mind, Umeboshi has suggested. Marilyn – Mizubasho – give us your opinion. What do you say Arimasen is?”

“I say… it is the city, or planet, or state of mind, to which you, Rose, are leading us.”

“I? Leading? No, children. Not leading. Following.”


Michael Hoffman is Canadian by birth, Japanese by adoption. His previous books include "Cipangu, Golden Cipangu: Essays in Japanese History," "In the Land of the Kami: A Journey into the Hearts of Japan," the fiction collection "Other Worlds" and "Fuji, Sinai, Olympos" (essays).

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