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A Tale of Four Planets Book One: Sessions with the Seer

Author: David Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-951985-76-9 (softcover);
978-1-951985-77-6 (hardcover);

ISBN: 978-1-951985-78-3 (eBook)

634 pages

At long last, Ludi and Pedro Perez can afford a suburban residence for raising their precious baby daughter, far from the troubled inner city of their own upbringing. But a car crash threatens that dream, prompting Pedro to consult the local herbalist about a peculiar pendant that fell at his feet during a thunderstorm. When she claims to channel spirits from on board a spacecraft heeding an extraterrestrial distress call, he has to wonder: Is she putting on an act to distract him from mounting worries? Or is his family soon to find themselves swept up in out-of-this-world adventure?


The author is pleased with the kind words he received for the first edition:

To say this is totally unlike anything I've ever read before would be an understatement...aliens, religion, spirituality, humanity...looking forward to the rest of the series!
-Sherri Warner, Indie Book Reviewers

In this dangerous time when people are strengthening borders and compassion is at an all-time low, David Taylor's book contains an enlightened message.
-Steve Hackett, musician and composer, lead guitarist for Genesis

Book Two: The Rejected Counsel of Oomb
Book Three: Centers of the Universe (first editions both available from Virtualbookworm)
HOWEVER, family and friends continue to insist the author's real towering achievement is a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: David Taylor

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