A Hanna, Heastie, Tynes Family Story - Second Edition

Author: Judith Bell and Elva Heastie Jones-Gamble

ISBN 978-1-63868-115-1(softcover)

102 pages

This book is a collection of oral stories from members of an African American family called the Hanna, Heastie, Tynes, who originated on a Bahama Island settlement called Pompey Bay, which is almost uninhabited today. The family traces their origins to three men (John Hanna, George Heastie, and Benjamin Tynes) who were settlers on Acklins Island, and the slaves who worked there in the late 1700s. Due to the isolated nature of the island, the people living there intermarried and became a proud, loving, tightknit family, who thrived and passed down family values through the generations. This book includes memories of everyday life experiences from some of the family members who lived on Acklins and later migrated to Miami, Florida. Today, the family has grown and spread to other Bahama Islands, the U.S. and other parts of the world. As a result of these stories, we have a glimpse of what life was like so many years ago.

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