A Far Green Country: Hiking Tips from Isle Royale National Park

Author: Greg M. Romaneck

ISBN 978-1-60264-402-1 (softcover)

188 pages

Isle Royale is one of the least visited of America's national parks. Located in the northern reaches of Lake Superior, Isle Royale encompasses over 200 small islands. The main island is approximately fifty miles long and features over 180 miles of hiking trails. On Isle Royale back-packers can follow the rugged basaltic ridgelines that glaciers carved millions of years ago. In-land lakes dot the park landscape and provide scenic vistas that beckon to hikers. The wildlife of Isle Royale is fascinating and is keynoted by the wolves and moose that populate the park. Here, in this northern park, backpackers can walk in isolation on trails that lead them along isolated reaches of the Superior shoreline, past beaver dams, and along the ridges that dominate the landscape. A Far Green Country offers veteran and novice backpackers tips and experiences aimed at helping them to prepare for an enjoyable journey to this wilderness park.


Greg M. Romaneck has visited Isle Royale over twenty times. In those journeys Greg has back-packed over 1,000 miles on the island's trail system. It is from these experiences on Isle Royale that Greg offers the tips included in A Far Green Company. Aside from hiking, Greg has worked for thirty years as a professional educator. He is currently employed as the Human Resources Director for Batavia Public Schools in Batavia, Illinois. Greg is married and has three children. He and his family reside in DeKalb, Illinois.

He can be reached at gregromaneck@hotmail.com


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