A Boy From Missouri, My Life Story - Updated

Author: Dr. Gerry Haines

ISBN 978-1-951985-14-1 (softcover)

232 pages

The sharp hills of Northern Missouri take on a bright look as the sun chases away the mist of early morning. It is a memory which lingers with you. The last glaciers that covered much of the Midwest must have split and missed leveling off my area of the world. The brush covered ridges and gullies were adequate for pasture on our farm but had limited crop potential. They made a wonderful place for a young boy to hunt, fish, and just wander.

I am the product, or perhaps a better description, would be the beneficiary of a strong family history. I used to lie on a grassy hillside and daydream of what the rest of the world was like.  My desire to see the world started early. My wife and I have been fortunate to be able to fulfill most of our dreams.

You will be able to trace my life from a shy country boy to a comfortable exciting retirement. After leaving the farm I am sure the feelings I had in the city are similar to what someone feels after immigrating to a foreign land. I tried many different approaches and as happens in most instances - it gradually worked. Of course, I had a lot of help along the way. My hope will be that as you who read this you will find the pursuit of success and my interpretation of the world as interesting as I found it challenging and exciting to write. Enjoy.


Gerry Haines grew up on a farm located near the northern border of Missouri. He graduated from Livonia High School as Valedictorian at age sixteen and left home to make his fortune. After moving to Moline, Illinois, he attended college at night and completed a four-year apprenticeship as an optical technician. He married a wonderful young lady, Janet Robb. They moved to Chicago so he could attend Illinois College of Optometry. He obtained his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Optometry Degrees. Gerry and Janet then moved to Freeport, Illinois where he joined an optometric partnership and spent the next 40 years practicing optometry. During those years they had two beautiful and delightful daughters and traveled the world. Dr. Haines taught wine appreciation, co-authored a book on wine appreciation, and adopted the hobby of tracing his family history. He published his life story in 2006 and four books on his and Janet's family history. This book is an updated rewritten version of his life story.  

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Vendor: Gerry P. Haines

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