The Whiskey Trifecta

Author: J.F. Gennings

ISBN 9781621379065 (hardcover)

ISBN 9781621379072 (eBook)

306 pages



 Prohibition in the 1920s is a dangerous time for the families involved in bootlegging in the area where three states, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, meet. The Goles and Langtry families are defending their illegal whiskey production from not only the G-men, but the Chicago mob. "The Whiskey Trifecta" is a story of love, hate, greed, revenge, regret, and compassion. It will captivate you and leave you wanting more. You will find yourself rooting for the likeable characters such as Troy Gintry, Homer Franklin, and Darcie O'Farrow, and even having compassion for some of the harder characters such as the Goles family. It is a captivating story that you won't want to put down.


J. F. Gennings lives in the small East Texas town of Atlanta. He is passionate about his writing and loves the history of his home area. "The Whiskey Trifecta" is his second novel. His first novel, "For Bread and Pottage" was completed two years ago. Both are fictional and based upon his home area at different time periods, and have been researched thoroughly for accuracy concerning historical references. "The Whiskey Trifecta" follows a time during Prohibition in his home area, and some of the incidents are loosely based upon stories passed down through family and friends.

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