Dave's LIFE LINES Take Two! Featuring Motivational Thoughts and Observations by my Family and Friends

Author: Dave Willert

ISBN 978-1-951985-27-1 (casebound)

276 pages

Dave Willert is a retired drama and choral music high school teacher. Dave’s Life Lines...Take Two marks the seventh book he has authored since 2009. Following the publication of Dave’s Life Lines, in 2019, the idea of having his friends and family play a major role in a sequel was suggested by his wife, Margaret. The book’s title was suggested by his son, Alex, and the rest, as they say, is history! Dave’s Life Lines... Take Two, features over 850 motivational sayings including a new chapter on Humorous Thoughts! The book also features chapters on Motivational Thoughts, Positive Thoughts and Random Observations. In addition, there are 40 illustrations created exclusively for this volume, by his long-time friend and colleague, Doug Kuhl. Over 100 of Dave’s friends and family stepped forward to contribute both original and shared literary thoughts to the sequel. In the end, they provided over half of the motivational sayings in Dave’s Life Lines... Take Two! At the conclusion of the project, Dave had this to say:

 “Putting this book together, as a team, was just as delightful as being a part of the team itself! Dave’s Life Lines... Take Two has been one of the most rewarding group projects I have ever been involved with! There is absolutely no better remedy for feeling down or incentive for motivation than reading this book! You’re going to love it! On behalf of everyone who worked on this very memorable collection, we hope you enjoy reading the book!”

Type: books

Vendor: Dave Willert

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