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Shards of a Shattered Mirror Book II : Nocturnal

Author: Darryl Anka

ISBN 978-1-951985-42-4 (softcover);
978-1-951985-43-1 (ebook)

314 pages

Willa Hillicrissing, now a year older, faces new dangers as she enters the Second Level of Mastery to become a Nocturnal under the guidance of Selene Nymphaea, who harbors a secret agenda to become a powerful Wraith.

Willa is plunged into a harrowing adventure filled with dark secrets, a death-defying escape to a parallel reality, and a series of horrifying murders as her nemesis, Xanthes, attempts to assassinate Willa along with her family and friends. Aided by her friend Poppy, and Opal, a young Nocturnal in training, Willa must find a way to protect her loved ones, foil her enemy’s deadly plot, and save a mysterious planet from destruction.

With the fate of the galaxy in her hands, Willa is taken to a Wraith stronghold and, with the aid of their Mastery over space and time, she’s shown two probable futures: One that leads to a new era of peace for the Alliance, and another that brings about its total destruction.

With only her new powers and her senses to guide her, Willa clings to the hope that she’ll make the right choices to save everyone and everything she holds dear.

DARRYL ANKA is a writer-director-producer at Zia Films LLC (, a film production company he owns with his producing partner and wife, Erica Jordan. He has an extensive background in miniature effects, storyboards and set design and has worked on some of the biggest sci-fi and action films over the past thirty years, such as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. His film resumé can be viewed under "Darryl Anka" at (

He is also an internationally known public speaker on UFOs and metaphysical topics. Over twenty books of his seminars have been published in the United States and Japan and recordings of his talks have been sold to thousands of people around the globe by April Rochelle, his partner at Bashar Communications, Inc. (

Information about new books and other projects can be found on his personal website ( Darryl is always working on new films, scripts and novels. He lives in Woodland Hills, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

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Vendor: Darryl Anka

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