The Ice Dancer

Author: Konnie Ellis

ISBN 978-1-60264-580-6 (softcover)

154 pages

Fantasy meets reality in The Ice Dancer where the parallel lives of Gabriel and Greta, who were once close friends and dance partners, lose track of one another although they live in the same Canadian province.

Greta's career as a dancer takes an unexpected turn to the north where she struggles with the ghosts of her dreams. After a startling event at her lake shore home, she meets Dr. Willie Winkle, a psychologist with his own agenda.
Gabriel is a ballet dancer of international repute who comes to love the northern woods and lakes. On White Deer Lake he meets people unlike himself, including Dave, an astronomer/car mechanic who uses ski poles for astronomy instruments, and Buckshot Johnson, leader of an opera-loving dog sled team.
For Greta and Gabriel, the wolves of the north howl their ancient song across a white winter landscape where the full moon shines its promise of reunion over the ice and snow of a magical wilderness.


Konnie Ellis is a poet, artist, and writer of short stories. The Ice Dancer is her first novel. Her stories have appeared in Lake Superior Magazine, RagMag, Sojourner, Skylark, and Weber Studies - Voices and Visions of the American West. Her story, The Partridge, was a finalist at the 2003 Moondance Film Festival. She is the recipient of a Norcroft writers grant. Her paintings have been exhibited at numerous galleries and museums, including Fiske Planetarium at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Indigos Gallery, Spark Gallery, Core New Art Space, and The American-Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. She grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and currently lives in Colorado with her husband, Robert Ellis, a composer and pianist.

Category: Fiction, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Konnie Ellis

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