The Revelation: A Reading of the Vision and Letter of John to the Churches

Author: Mark McDonald

ISBN 978-1-63868-013-0 (softcover)

426 pages

A reading and detailed commentary on the last book of the Bible from a unique perspective including Socratic philosophy and Jungian psychology. 

Certain teachings include:  

 •   That John the Apostle is indeed the author, and it is worth reading for its own sake, not only for fears about the end. 

•     It is addressed to those already Christian, about the martyrs and the completion of the throne. 

•      It aims at the penance of the Church. 

•      We are in the time between the return of Israel and the earthquake which precedes the false prophet. 

•      That the woman of chapter 12 refers to the incarnation, and is contrasted with Babylon, while the Beast is distinct from Babylon, and attacks her. 

About the Author
The author taught American government at a community college and philosophy at St. Mary's of Orchard Lake in Michigan. He studied psychology and philosophy at Grand Valley before entering the program of politics and literature at the University of Dallas. He has suggested that psychology follow the Socratic turn, away from the pre-Socratic basis of our current science of the soul. His dissertation, on Shakespeare as a political philosopher, is published as a book: Shakespeare's King Lear with the Tempest: The Discovery of Nature and the Recovery of Classical Natural Right.

Type: books

Vendor: Mark McDonald

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