The Deity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity

Author: Don T. Phillips

ISBN 978-1-63868-138-0 (softcover)

160 pages 

This book is concerned with one important question: Who was Jesus Christ? Every Christian will tell you that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who was sent from heaven to redeem sinful man. Jesus Christ lived a sinless life under the Old Covenant. He was crucified, died and was buried. After three days and three nights, He was raised from the dead by the power of God the Father. He was the perfect Lamb of God who was sacrificed for the sins of the world, and He now sits beside God the Father on His Throne of Glory, where He is our advocate and intercessor.

Who was this man who walked the earth for 33.5 years and conducted His Ministry of reconciliation over the last 3.5 years? Some say He was all man, and some say He was all God and all man. What do the Holy Scriptures say? This book will investigate Jesus Christ, who some called the Son of Man and others called the Son of God. The meaning of these phrases will be investigated and defined.

To characterize and understand Jesus Christ, it is necessary to also determine:

(1) What is the anatomy and composition of mortal man?

(2) What is the composition and anatomy of a spirit man?

Finally, what role did the Holy Trinity or the Holy Godhead (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) play in the 3.5-year period of reconciliation of Jesus Christ?

Chapter 1:  The Spiritual World

Chapter 2:   Jesus Christ: God or Man?

Chapter 3:   Was Christ Supernaturally all God and all Man?

Chapter 4:   The Holy Trinity

Chapter 5:   Was Jesus Christ God or Man?

Chapter 6:   Who Was Jesus Christ?

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Vendor: Don T. Phillips

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