Making Sense of Religion

Author: E. Clayton Burgess, Jr.

ISBN 978-1-949756-97-5 ( softcover)

120 pages

The New Testament went through four hundred years of evolution reflecting changing theological positions along the way. No originals can be found unless, by chance, they are someday discovered buried in some vast desert. The New Testament was written in Greek, although spoken in Aramaic. It is not a language easily translated into English. Many Greek verbs have no equivalent meaning in one English word. Meaning is easily lost or may often reflect the theological point of view of the translator. This makes it very difficult for the person on a faith journey trying to find their way. Dr. Burgess, after a lifetime of study and teaching, in this book seeks to make the journey a bit smoother, the path less cluttered, and with eyes opened, a way made clear.


Clayton Burgess was born and raised in southern California, graduating from Long Beach Polytechnic High School. He attended Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, where he focused his studies on history and philosophy. He then attended seminary at Boston University where he earned Master's degrees in theology and New Testament ethics. At mid-career he attended the Ecumenical Seminary in Detroit, MI, where he earned a Doctor of Ministry degree. During his forty year ministry in New York and Vermont, he incorporated a counseling center to treat cancer patients with a protocol combining spiritual discipline and psychotherapy, and an inter-faith house church called Faith Community. He is married to the former Alice Louise Green, the father and step father of five girls, and the grandfather of six.  

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