Cows Don't Stay Milked

Author: John Covington

ISBN 9781621379515 (softcover)

ISBN 9781621379522 (hardcover)

ISBN 9781621379539 (eBook)

128 pages



Christians who are leaders in their families, communities and secular jobs sometimes shy away from practicing their faith outside of the church. This book encourages the exact opposite approach. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, this book gives actions you can take to become a better leader while maintaining a process of ongoing self-improvement.



John Covington is an active teacher in his church, in prison ministry, and is CEO of Chesapeake Consulting. He was educated at the US Naval Academy and the University of Alabama, earning a BS in Chemical Engineering. John enjoys hiking, dog training, community affairs, and has been married to his wife, Linda, since 1972. This is John’s sixth book.

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