The Seven Feasts of Israel

Author: Don T. Phillips

ISBN 978-1-63868-151-9 (softcover)

128 pages 

When God liberated Israel from Egyptian slavery, He gave them 10 commandments by which to live at Mt. Sinai. He also gave the people 7 Holy Feasts to observe each year to commemorate and remember how He rescued them from servitude and persecution. These were called the 7 Feasts of Israel. Four were in the Spring and three were in the Fall.

In the Old Testament, prophets wrote of a Jewish Messiah who would someday be sent from God to atone for their sins permanently. Unknown to Israel and the Jews was that this redeemer was none other than Jesus Christ. The 7 Feasts were given for two reasons: The first was to commemorate the deliverance of Israel from Egyptian bondage and slavery. The second was to prophesy of 7 events which will herald the first and second coming of Jesus Christ. The prophetic aspects of the first four Feasts were completely fulfilled at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The last three will be fulfilled as the 70th week of Daniel and the current Church Age come to a close. Each feast was called a Moed, which is Hebrew for set time or an appointed time. The 7 Feasts collectively provide a blueprint for the 1st and 2nd comings of Jesus Christ. Both the Historical and Prophetic aspects of each feast will be presented, along with the Jewish and Christian meanings of each feast.

Type: books

Vendor: Don T. Phillips

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