Rubaiyat from a Floating Life

Author: Don Moore, Jr.

ISBN 978-1-951985-16-5 (softcover); 978-1-951985-17-2 (hardcover); 978-1-951985-18-9 (eBook)

38 pages

When the word rubaiyat is mentioned, Omar Khayyam's name is uttered in recognition of the writing that was translated by Edward FitzGerald. But little else is connected to its renown. Written in an AABA rhyme pattern as a lyric poem, a rubaiyat is a group of quatrain stanzas. Rubaiyat from a Floating Life is Don Moore's view of life as a traveler in a world of regulation, remorse, and recompense. He describes his appreciation for beauty in the natural universe and his satisfaction with friendships shared through talk and drink. In addition to Omar Khayyam, Moore refers to the spirit of other authors and poets. But inspired by the intellect and interests of Khayyam, Moore paid homage to the Persian poet in stanza 98 of his own rubaiyat: "Ah, Khayyam, oft across your verse enshrined/My eyes have gone where your whole being wined/ And till my every atom drinks, my mind/Alone must quaff this draught: no axe to grind."

Type: books

Vendor: Don Moore

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