The Humanist Way - An Introduction to Ethical Humanist Religion

Author: Edward Ericson

ISBN 978-0-9897323-6-9 (softcover)

ISBN 978-0-9963718-0-3 (eBook)

220 pages 

"Humanism is a view of the world, of each person's relation to other people, of the unity of humanity, of its place in the whole fabric of life against the background of our planet and our universe, of - but read Ed Ericson's book and see." -Isaac Asimov "'The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it,' wrote Bertrand Russell. Wise and thoughtful men and women in all ages have agreed that the greatest lives are those given to the well-being of others." "Many who belong to no church or sect - along with many who do - when asked to identify their creed, will reply simply: 'My religion is the golden rule.' Or they will answer 'Formal church doctrines and theologies are not important to me. The way I relate to others and to myself is all that finally matters.' Without perhaps having a label for their faith, such people - to the degree that they live by these convictions - are practicing the essence of Humanist religion." -Edward L. Ericson, from The Humanist Way

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Type: books

Vendor: Edward Ericson

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