The Gospel According to Facebook

Author: Bruce H. Joffe

ISBN 978-1-62137-449-7 (eBook)

398 pages

Does the Divine actually talk to us ... maybe, even, using Democratic discourse or Republican rhetoric? Why is the vocabulary of some theologies peaceful and gracious, while others tend to be threatening and damning? What place do our holy books have in editorializing the language and logos of who and what we worship? Is there gender within (and without) spiritual speech? Whether focused on the hereafter or more concerned, instead, with today and tomorrow, the entrenched forces of organized religion undeniably are being challenged by a dynamic new testament. Voices previously unheard now relay their messages instantly across time and space, reaching and rallying an audience that's both receptive and responsive. Perhaps God is still speaking and trying to tell us something. What might that be? That the good news shared through social media echoes the progressive message of Jesus about grace, love, peace, compassion, inclusion, and social justice for all. A new dispensation, perhaps? It's the Gospel According to Facebook!

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