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The Aleph-Tav Old Testament

Author: Gregory T. Riether

ISBN 978-1-62137-061-1 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-062-8 (eBook)

618 pages

What if Jesus made it possible for his followers to see him on nearly every page of the Old testament? What if a divine witness of Jesus actually exists within the original texts of the Hebrew? In The Aleph-Tav Old Testament you will see exactly this. Beyond the obvious typology of Jesus that can be discerned in the Old Testament stories, there is another witness of Jesus; a tiny, untranslatable Hebrew word made up of the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet; aleph and tav. Jesus told us how to interpret this word when he said, “I am the Alpha (Aleph) and the Omega (Tav).” The very first verse of the Bible is seen in an entirely new light when you see this tiny Hebrew word in its proper placement within the English text:
“In the beginning God [את] created the heavens and the earth.”
Come on a journey and see the Old Testament in a way that you’ve never seen it before; the way it was meant to be seen. The Aleph-Tav Old Testament; Jesus on every page of the Bible.


Greg Riether has been a pastor and teacher for 24 years both within mainline Protestantism and as an independent. His varied background includes education and church leadership in everything from high liturgical settings to free charismatic settings. He is author of Grace Revolution: A Reader’s Companion to Hebrews and currently pastors Healing Grace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit him on the web at

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