My Cat at Home in the Wild

Author: Jennifer Rogala

ISBN 978-1-58939-962-4 (softcover)

36 pages

Have you ever wondered why cats act the way they do? Why do they run around the house at night and sleep most of the day? Why do they hide in boxes and paper bags? Why do they like high places? This book follows a cat named Kingsley through her day and compares her actions to those of her big cousins who live in the forests and jungles of the world. Cat lovers will recognize the behavior in their own cats. Children who never had a cat in the family will discover a new appreciation for them. And everyone will learn some fun facts about the big cats that live in the wild.


Jennifer Rogala's two cats and their crazy antics were the inspiration for this book. She had never had a cat until she adopted them as kittens in May 2002. She was surprised at how often they made her laugh. Some of their behavior was quite curi-ous, such as destroying the floor plants and diving into the toilet. My Cat at Home in the Wild is the result of observing her cats' behavior, doing some research on cats, and speaking with other cat lovers.
This is Jennifer's third children's picture book. Her others are titled Ways to Say the Words You've Heard and When My Nose Runs Where Does it Go? Jennifer lives outside of Boston with her husband, twin daughters, and two cats. Visit Jennifer on-line at

Born in Dallas, Texas, Dwight Kirkland has been an artist for as long as he can remember. He has had a lifelong passion for the arts and enjoys all types of painting and drawing. He specializes in a unique, dreamlike, photo-realistic style of painting using the airbrush and paintbrush. He now resides in Pennsylvania with his wife, two children and four labs.

Category: Non-Fiction, Other

Type: books

Vendor: Jennifer Rogala

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