The Freethinker

Author: Harald Sortskaeg

ISBN 978-1-60264-343-7 (softcover)

348 pages

A story that concentrates much on the inner dialogue and thoughts of a solitary, isolated man experiencing life in a foreign land, The Freethinker focuses on how one man deals with the trials of life, sex, violence, and love, all the while seeking peace of mind in a world that he feels discourages true individuality. It is a look into the mind of a man who says what he thinks, regardless of how objectionable his opinions are regarded by others. His main companions are a group of relentless inner critics who hound him constantly, never giving him a moment's rest, but who help reveal the inner workings of a mind that is both complicated and intriguing. The Freethinker has few friends and lives alone, but when several women suddenly come into his life, disturbing the isolated existence he has created for himself, he is forced to interact in a society in which he feels he does not belong.

Category: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: Harald Sortskaeg

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