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Liam O'Connor in ‘With Malice Aforethought'

Author: John Matthew Lee

ISBN 978-1-62137-901-0 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-902-7 (eBook)

260 pages



 In “With Malice Aforethought,” the second in the Liam O'Connor series, Liam is brought back into the world so familiar to him — homicide investigations. He's asked to lead a murder investigation in the small town of Port Saint Lucie. Although he’s not sure if he wants to put himself through the anguish of another investigation, Liam agrees to assist. A task force is created from members of the small and inexperienced local police department to track down and apprehend the killer.

Liam realizes the killer he's chasing is extremely methodical and has likely killed before. As Liam works with his fellow task force members to find the killer, he begins to understand their individual strengths. In turn, they learn more about Liam and his past.

The investigation leads to victims in other states, confirming that Liam and the task force are tracking a serial killer. The team experiences first-hand the pressures associated with investigating a serial killer and, through various investigative techniques, tracks the killer to Virginia. There, they finally come face-to-face with the killer and get a first-hand look at an anatomy of a murderer.

What they see, and learn, is frightening to all. 


John Matthew Lee was a third-generation law enforcement officer.  Like his father, he retired with over thirty years of service. John's baptism to life as a police officer came long before he took the oath to “Protect and Serve.” During his extensive career with the Sheriff's Department, John was promoted through the ranks. His fifteen years spent as a homicide detective, sergeant, and detective commander made lasting memories that triggered his desire to write. Being a husband, father, decorated officer and longtime high school football coach also helped formulate his unique storytelling perspective.

John was born and raised in California. He's a proud graduate of Highland High School, Bakersfield College and an attendee of California State University of Bakersfield. John and his wife, Kelley, are the parents of two sons, Kevin and Thomas Lee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Grace Pena
Loved being shown the investigative process!

I really like the character of Liam and feeling like a fly on the wall during the investigation. Surprises pop up with the bad guy and with his hunters. Excellent quick read!

Paul Kent
"A real page turner"

If you liked "The Key to Betrayal," you'll love "With Malice Aforethought." In "With Malice Aforethought," major characters from "The Key to Betrayal" are enhanced and brought into sharper focus as Liam O'Connor takes on a serial killer. Entertaining, suspenseful...a real page turner.

Al Sandrini
An Excellent Read

After reading "The Key to Betrayal" I couldn't wait for the next book detailing the homicide investigations of Liam O'Connor. I was not disappointed.

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