Final Assignment

Author: Phillips Wylly

ISBN 978-1-62137-147-2 (hardcover)

285 pages

Surfacing in the backwash of an assignment gone wrong the name John Gunner arouses curiosity at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Who is John Gunner? Where is John Gunner? Special Agent Jane Shuman is determined to find out.

John Gunner’s whereabouts is also a matter of concern to Group One. Privately financed by one of the world’s wealthiest men, known only to the president and a select few, Group One exists to eliminate enemies of the United States. If John Gunner is found by the FBI before Group One can eliminate him he could reveal the existence of this Top, Top Secret Unit.

John Gunner’s efforts to disappear and Agent Shuman’s tireless pursuit of truth result in a deadly fame of adult Hide and Seek that leaves a trail of unexplained deaths across the Washington landscape.


A wall in Phillips Wylly’s den is covered with framed pictures and mementos of his years as a TV and Motion Picture Director and Producer. One he is particularly proud of is a letter from J. Edger Hoover thanking him for the excellent direction of segments of an NBC-TV “Wide, Wide World” documentary about the FBI. Wylly remembers that as a kid he loved to play cops and robbers and the good guys were always G-Men. Having a chance, where he was grown, to meet and work with some real G-Men was, for him, a wonderful experience. An experience that contributed background for his latest novel, “FINAL ASSIGNMENT.”

“Probably half the books I have read and half the TV shows and movies I have worked on were stories of crime and suspense,” Wylly says. Combining all that with his own vivid imagination has resulted in the three books now to his credit. The first two, “Staten Island,” and “Hollywood’s Best,” deal with crime syndicate involvement in show biz; his latest work, “Final Assignment” turns to what he calls, “The underworld of international politics and the deadly game of adult hide and seek that exists there.”

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